WoW the history

WoW – the history

‘Your photographic eye enlarges my world. When I look through it I see things I was blind to before. My vision and experience are enlarged and for that I am very grateful.’
– Jac, my good friend and self-proclaimed fan

World of Wonder – the app (visible also on desktop World of Wonder) was a follow-up to the photo project Amazing Rotterdam. The book Amazing Rotterdam has since become a part of the permanent collection of a number of booksellers, in Rotterdam but also in Amsterdam 🙂
That’s great, and an absolute success, but so far I haven’t been able to break even. The money-earning gene is not exactly prominent in my DNA. It may even be missing altogether 😕

This fact did not go unnoticed by my good friend Jac, who came up with an interesting idea: ‘What if you could get together a group of people who could support you in your artistic endeavours by subscribing to an app?’ He then went on to explain his idea further: ‘If you were to create an app and then regularly add your photos to it, I would subscribe! You would then have a fixed income each month and can use the energy you would have spent on worrying about income for something else.’

And so I started to post photo’s and texts for a small audience. The app was servings its goal.
After about three years, it became clear that a general theme had evolved and that there was material for a new book.

I am proudly happy to announce the birth of:

World of Wonder – the book